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The Medical Practice of Ilana Zablozki-Amir, M.D.                                                      

Becoming a Patient

If You Are Interested In Becoming Or Referring A Patient,
Here Are Some Helpful Things to Know:

What Type of Patients Does Dr. Zablozki Typically See?

Dr. Zablozki is very flexible in her approach to patients' needs. She sees patients who are looking for answers,
patients who she guides through comprehensive health rehabilitation programs, and patients with specfic goals
such as:

- Learning how stress is affecting their body and what they can do about it.

- Helping them figure out if trying a gluten free diet is the right thing for them.

- Discussion of best options for nutrition/how to eat and advice about natural medicines and supplements.

- Creating a prescription for exercise.

- Evaluation of hormonal balance with prescription for restoration of balance.

- Guidance for Natural, Gentle Detoxification methods.

- Pain Management Recommendations and Comprehensive Injury Care.

- Cutting edge and comprehensive laboratory testing for health biomarkers.

- Body Composition, Hydration, and Cellular Health Analysis

- Ondamed PEMF therapy for acute or chronic health issues and Smoking Cessation


What Do Comprehensive Health Rehabilitation Programs Typically Consist Of?

A combination of the following are components of the Health Rehabilitation program. The program takes place for a duration from several months to a year, with visits at regular intervals to address, develop, and implement tools for lasting recovery.  

Nutritional Guidance using the concept of Food as Medicine

- Prescription of an individualized nutritional supplement program

- Prescription of targeted healing herbal and other natural medicines

- Bioidentical Hormone Prescription if needed

- Stress Assessment using Heartmath Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback and Development of Stress Balancing Plan

- Exercise Prescription

- Detoxification Support and Advice

- Ondamed Energy Therapy Evaluation and Treatments for Stimulation of Healing


What Can People Expect From an Initial Visit?

During an initial visit, Dr. Zablozki will take an extensive medical history and review physical exam findings, and relevant medical records with a patient, with the goal of understanding him or her as a whole, unique physical, emotional and spiritual being. With this understanding, she takes great care and integrity in suggesting and developing treatment plans for her patients. Some treatments are suggested once further labwork, if needed is done, and others can be recommended based on information she has gathered. Initial visits are typically scheduled for approximately an hour, but can be more or less as needed.

And Follow-Up Visits?

Follow up visits are scheduled for labwork reviews, follow up health check-ins, plan modifications, etc. They are typically scheduled from several weeks to several months apart. Dr. Zablozki is very accessible in between visits and strives to limit
the amount of times needed to come in to the office to get results. Phone consults can be done for some follow up visits if needed. Follow-up visits typically range between half an hour to an hour.

Who Can Benefit?

Pretty much anyone thats open to a new way of looking at health. When recommendations are made, it is in the best interest for the patient to be mindful of taking the necessary proactive steps to implement these in their life. These may include nutritional changes, nutritional and/or herbal supplements, stress balancing techniques, exercise programs, etc. While many patients are ready for positive change, some aren’t ready yet to make big changes. That’s ok, these patients have gotten benefits as well, just from the interaction and starting small. She will always work with the patient as a team to mutually figure out the best plan for the patient's readiness and ability at  the moment.

Does the Doctor Accept Insurance? Are Services Reimbursible by Insurance? 

Dr. Zablozki does not take insurance, but medical visits are typically reimbursible in part or mostly for those with
out-of-network benefits who have met their required deductible.  Payment is expected at the time of the visit, however
payment plans can be arranged for those with financial difficulties. Credit Cards are accepted. 

It is important to Dr. Zablozki that her care is affordable and that enough time can be spent with  patients during and between visits to provide the highest quality of care. In that light, fees have been set  that have been found to be fair to both the patient and practitioner. Patients come looking for more than what the general medical community can offer. Dr. Zablozki spends more time, looks at the bigger picture of the person’s life as a whole, and is easily accessible. These services cannot be offered with insurance based restrictions.

I Would Like to Come In for General Health Questions and Answers, Not Necessarily for Evaluation. Is that possible? 

Yes it is! The visit would be spent more as a mini-workshop. As a matter of fact, sometimes a couple would like to come together, or two friends for a general health question and answer visit. For example, to have a discussion about gluten sensitivity, cholesterol, stress suggestions, etc. (really, endless possibilities). If specific concerns arise requiring individualized evaluation and care, an appointment could then be made for an individual visit. The cost could be split between the people attending.

What is Video Telemedicine?

It is an appointment that is done by video using a video app. We use an app from our portal called Practice Better, which allows for HIPPA compliant privacy. It is simple to download. This is the best option if it is difficult to travel to the office or for more flexible availability, and  when it is not critical for the doctor to be able to physically examine you to offer next step guidance.

Are Any Larger Group Workshops Offered? .

Yes. Please check back for more information, or send an email to the doctor to be notified when further details are available.

How Does Dr. Zablozki Feel About Working in Conjunction With Other Health Professionals?

A team approach is often very effective. Dr. Zablozki loves to work with open minded professionals and would be happy to work with a patient's existing doctor(s) to create plans. She refers, as well, to other high quality health professionals as needed to create a healing team.

The Doctor Has a Long Name- What Does She Prefer To Be Called?

  Dr. Zablozki, Dr. Amir,  Dr. Ilana, or Dr. Z - any one is fine.

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